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2022 Oscar Winners

Watch 2022 Oscar Winner movies. 94th Academy Awards found their owners and here is the list of the movies which have won Oscars. Watch 2022 Oscar Winner movies free online. 

2. Drive My Car (2021)


Drive My Car tells the story of a man who goes on an unexpected journey with a chauffeur assigned to him. Yusuke Kafuku, an actor and director, has a happy life with his wife, Fukaku. However, Yusuke's happiness is cut short when he loses his wife. Two years later, Yusuke takes on the role of director of a theater festival, so he goes to Hiroshima. At the festival, a 20-year-old female driver is assigned to Yusuke. Together with the mysterious driver named Misaki, the young man embarks on a series of journeys filled with loss, loneliness, mourning, and mutually revealing secrets.

3. King Richard (2021)


Richard Williams is a father who does his best to write the names of his daughters Venus and Serena into history. In line with Richard's intense 78-page plan, Serena and Venus train against all odds at California's neglected tennis court, Compton. Serena and Venus defy all prejudices, thanks to the unwavering determination of their father, who does his best for their daughter, and the balanced perspective of their mother.

4. CODA (2021)


Ruby, 17, is the only hearing member of a family with hearing impairments. The young girl helps her parents and older brother to keep their fishing business afloat, in the mornings before going to school. Ruby's life takes a different turn when she joins the choir at school.

5. No Time to Die (2021)


After leaving active service, Bond tries to adjust to his new life. While trying to enjoy his quiet life in Jamaica, Bond's peace is interrupted when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA asks him for help. Help rescue a scientist kidnapped from Bond. Accepting this job, which is more dangerous than he thinks, Bond goes after a bad guy armed with new technologies.

6. Encanto (2021)


Each child is blessed with a unique magic gift, who live in the magic place called Encanto except for one person in the Madrigal family. Only Mirabel does not have magical powers. But the magic surrounding Encanto is dangerous, and when the family's home is threatened, Mirabel is their only hope.

8. Cruella (2021)


In the 1970s, London was committed to making a name for itself with its creations in the wake of the Punkrock Movement. She is a friend of a young couple who respect their desire for malice and can create their own lives in the streets of London together. The flair of Estella one day captures the eye of Baroness von Hellman, a legend of mode that is devastatingly chic and awfully elevated. However, their relationship sets the stage for incidents and discoveries that will make Estella take her ungodly side and become the rough, fashionable and revolting Cruella.

9. West Side Story (2021)


West Side Story, an adaptation of the 1957 musical, is about the forbidden love between two young people and the rivalry between two street gangs of different ethnic origins. Tony is a teenager caught between rivalry between two gangs, the Jets and the Sharks. He loses his heart to Maria, who is his rival's sister. Territory war between gangs becomes more and more devastating, and Tony and Maria's love blossoms in this war environment. Their relationship increases the tension between the gangs even more.

10. The Power of the Dog (2021)


Two brothers named Phil and George, who are different from each other, own the largest farm in the Montana valley. A smart and successful man, Phil despises weakness. George, a quiet man devoted to his work, has a loving spirit. The two brothers have been living under the same roof for years. But their life is turned upside down by George's unexpected marriage to a young widow. Phil, on the other hand, is quite disturbed by the presence of this woman who settled on their farm. To put an end to this situation, Phil embarks on a relentless battle to eliminate his brother's wife.

11. Dune (2021)


Set in the distant future, "Dune" tells the story of Paul Atreides, whose family has control of the desert planet Arrakis. Planets in different parts of the galaxy are ruled by rival feudal families. Control of the desert planet Arrakis, the sole producer of a precious resource, is in high demand among noble families. This source, called "spice", while offering high consciousness and a long life span, also brings with it very serious side effects. It is also this "spice" that helps navigate the interstellar paths. Paul and his family are ambushed by the Harkonen family, feudal rivals who want to obtain this resource. As a result of this trap, Paul's family is scattered and on the run. As Paul starts a rebellion to regain control of his family on Arrakis, he seizes the possibility that he could change the course of the entire universe.