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2021 Oscar Winners

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1. Tenet (2020)


Trying to fulfill an international espionage mission in a place beyond real time, the hero must fight to save the world. Trying to stop a greater danger than the World War III, the hero embarks on a challenging journey through the twilight world of a spy.

2. Judas and the Black Messiah (2021)


A young activist named Fred Hampton becomes one of the Black Panther Party chairmen who fought for the freedom of the black community and end the murder of blacks. Chairman Fred inspires a generation to oppose pressures and riot. Meanwhile, the FBI offers a deal to William O'Neal, who was sentenced to prison. The FBI promises William freedom in exchange for infiltrating Fred's party and providing insider information. Accepting the deal, William slowly prepares the end for Fred Hampton.

3. Mank (2020)


Mank tells the life story of Herman Mankiewicz, one of the screenwriters of the 1941 movie "Citizen Kane". David Fincher is the director of this biographical production, which will portray Herman Mankiewicz by Gary Oldman. Mank is based on David Fincher's father's script before he died.

5. Soul (2020)


Middle school music teacher Joe Gardner dreams of becoming a jazz pianist working with a jazz band. After that, he gets his first musician experience. Wandering the streets of New York, the man suddenly finds himself falling into the sewer. However, this place actually opens up to a different world. Now he has to figure out how to return to Earth.

6. Sound of Metal (2020)


Ruben and his girlfriend Lou are two musicians who roam their caravan and perform at the places they go. With Lou at the microphone, Ruben plays the drums. One day, Ruben's life is turned upside down by just a muffled buzz. The doctor tells Ruben that he has hearing loss and will soon be deaf. Faced with his silent future, Ruben must decide how to shape his life.

7. Another Round - Druk (2020)


Martin is a high school teacher who feels tired and old. Having problems in his marriage, Martin's business life does not go well either. Martin's students and their parents ask him to cancel his contract in order to increase their GPA. Thinking that a certain level of alcohol consumed opens the mind to the world, Martin decides to conduct an experiment. Together with three of his fellow teachers, Martin starts consuming a certain amount of alcohol each day for the experiment. The result is initially very positive. However, after a while, the experiment starts to give negative results for some.

10. Minari (2020)


In the 1980s, 7-year-old Korean-American David moves to a rural area in Arkansas at the request of his father, Jacob, with his mother and brother. Here, the family is faced with a new environment and lifestyle. David's mother, Monica, is terrified of living in this mobile home in the middle of nowhere, while David and his sister are tired of their new lives. Meanwhile, the grandmother from Korea joins the family to live with them. Jakob begins to endanger his family and marriage as he tries to create a farm in untouched land.